E126 Investments

E126 Investments is a Project Management & Asset Management company; and real estate portfolio owner. E126 Investments focuses on deal flow, underwriting, and the acquisition of hospitality real estate. Our specialty is Short Term Rentals (STRs) & Mid Term Rentals (MTRs), commonly referred to as “Air BNBs” located along the central
Gulf Coast of Florida.

E126 Investments

E126 Investments is owned by husband/wife duo Jason and Jules Matthews. Since 1996, this family’s diverse real estate journey intersected with several sectors of real estate. As corporate Owner’s Reps, property owners, and business owners they jointly executed on residential, commercial, and industrial projects. They have owned service companies in real estate consulting, land acquisition, construction supply, engineering, and community real estate training. The couple has earned multiple awards in business namely “Supplier of the Year” from the National Minority Supplier Diversity Council and Ernst & Young “Entrepreneur of the Year.” The Matthews survived six economic recessions including 2000 Tech Bubble, 9/11, 2008 Real Estate Implosion, 2015 Oil & Gas bust, and 2020 Covid 19 Pandemic. Taking all this combined experience, they are now performing in the Florida vacation market. E126 Investments is currently acquiring a 100 unit Short Term Rental (*STRs) portfolio in the Tampa/St. Pete Metroplex (central Florida Gulf Coast).

Prior to forming E126 Investments, the Matthews worked with clients ranging from small non-profits to Fortune 500 companies in pre-acquisition/due diligence phases, portfolio profitability strategies, asset management, divestiture schedules, repositioning, and development initiatives across markets in Washington DC, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Texas, and Florida. They have established a track record of achieving revenue, profit and business growth in both operational and financial aspects of real estate.   

Asset Me


• Short Term & Mid Term Rentals
• Student housing
• Residential development
• Multifamily housing
• Condo conversions
• Urban Master Planning  

• Airbnb Hotels – Short Term &
Mid Term Rentals
• Sports Stadiums & Ballparks
• Pro sports practice facilities
• Pharmacies
• Convention centers
• Banking centers
• Hotels
• Theaters
• Hospitals
• Airport cargo facilities
• Office buildings
• Strip malls
• Grocery Stores
• Facilities support services and supplier inclusion consulting for a $300m+ arena

• $1Bill Oil & Gas projects
• Grocery cold storage facilities
• Parking garages
• Correctional facilities 


E126 Investments self-performs asset management on this scattered site STR + MTR portfolio. While the property managers focus on guest and property operations, asset managers in contrast focus on maximizing revenue potential and identifying long term value-add strategies. We consider details at every level, bringing our commercial experience to this residential portfolio.

• Owner’s representation services
• CM services & Project Management
• Feasibility consulting
• Capital stack modeling
• Site identification
• Land acquisition support

• Public private partnerships & JVs
• Market analysis
• Logistics consulting
• Procurement and expenditure analysis
• Utility company monitoring & energy spend review
• Annual property insurance evaluations
• Risk analysis & mitigation planning  

Market study

While recognizing opportunities and strategizing risk mitigation, we are constantly adapting to a changing market and economy. We are focused on expanding our presence in the Short Term and Mid Term rental market in the Beach Communities of the Tampa Bay + St Petersburg, FL Metroplex; and West Palm Beach, FL. The Tampa Bay + St Petersburg Metroplex is one of the top markets for short term rentals as confirmed by AirDNA. Currently, we have several Short Term & Mid Term rental properties. We are expanding the portfolio with a target of controlling 100 STRs & MTRs within the next three years.

We will reach that goal through new master leases and property acquisitions. We maintain high standards and require each property be structurally sound, in safe neighborhoods, attractive for families and executives, and close to unlimited amenities and entertainment.

Our properties are expertly sourced and set‐up. Once onboarded, the units are maintained by Hospitality property management firms and a Field Services management company. The portfolio is marketed via AirBnb, VRBO, Home Away, and other booking channels.


The Gulf Coast of Florida, including Redington Beach, St. Pete Beach, and Indian Rocks Beach, as well as Palm Beach, attracts millions of visitors every year. The region's stunning beaches, warm weather, and abundance of recreational activities make it a top vacation destination for travelers from all over the world.
Redington Beach is a hidden gem along the Gulf Coast that offers visitors a more relaxed and tranquil vacation experience. The beach is known for its white sand, crystal-clear waters, and breathtaking sunsets. Visitors can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, and a variety of water sports, such as paddle boarding and kayaking.
St. Pete Beach is one of the most visited beaches in the state, attracting a large number of tourists annually. In addition to its beautiful beaches, St. Pete Beach offers visitors a range of entertainment options, such as restaurants, shops, and nightlife.
Palm Beach, located further south, is a world-renowned destination that offers an upscale experience with luxurious resorts, high-end shopping, and fine dining. Its exclusivity and sophisticated atmosphere attract visitors seeking an elegant and refined vacation experience.
Indian Rocks Beach and Redington Beach offer a more laid-back atmosphere with a family-friendly vibe. The beaches are known for their serene atmosphere, perfect for a relaxing getaway with loved ones.
At E126 Investments, we recognize that the appeal of short-term and mid-term rentals in this region extends far beyond traditional vacation accommodations. In addition to catering to vacationers, short-term and mid-term rentals also offer a viable alternative to hotels for executive stays, transitional housing, and even wellness escapes for families looking to reduce stress and promote relaxation.
Moreover, we frequently receive requests from home buyers and sellers who are facing challenges related to move-in dates or construction delays. Our short-term and mid-term rental properties can serve as an ideal solution for those who need a temporary home while they wait for their permanent residence to become available.
In summary, at E126 Investments, we understand the diverse needs of our clients and are committed to providing customized solutions to meet those needs. Our short-term and mid-term rental properties offer a flexible and convenient option for a variety of scenarios, including executive stays, transitional housing, wellness escapes, and temporary housing during construction or move-in delays. 



From start to finish, E126 Investments founders are involved daily in acquisition, asset management, financial management, and portfolio strategy implementation.
The E126 Investments strategy begins with property selection. Houses, Condos, and Motels are selected by location and proximity to unlimited amenities, event facilities (ex. NFL stadium), attractions (ex. Casino) and academic/health/business centers (ex. universities). The acquisition team seeks to pool properties in designated neighborhoods. We currently focus in 4 locales in the metroplex. This centralizing effort supports warehouse, housekeeping, and maintenance logistics.

Ideal properties we offer our guests:
• Motels that we convert to “Airbnb” Hotels
• Beach Condos
• Luxury Beach Homes
• 1300+ sq. ft. homes with a minimum of 3 Bedrooms/2 Baths

 Located near:
• West Tampa – Raymond James Football Stadium
• Tampa International Airport
• Indian Rocks Beach
• St Petersburg Beach
• Redington Beach
• West Palm Beach

Each property undergoes inhouse underwriting and must meet risk tolerance thresholds. A new LLC is formed specific to each address. Insurance protection is triple coverage; standard home insurance, E126 Investment business insurance, and hospitality property management insurance. Repairs are managed by our Field Services Management Team. STRs booked through the Air BNB platform receive additional claim coverage up to $1Mill.

E126 Investments relies on two different real estate service partners for daily property operation support: 1) Field Services Management and 2) Hospitality Property Management.
Once a property has been identified and approved for acquisition, our Field Services Management Partner initiates the ONBOARDING Plan. While E126 Investments seeks to acquire newly renovated properties for STR conversion, often we acquire older properties requiring some degree of cosmetic and system updates. Field Service PMs oversee residential property upgrades, coordinate contractor repairs, perform construction management, and ensure compliance with inspections and permits. Field Services also designs, procures, and monitors FF&E installation…a last step before the STR online listing will “go live.”
Once “live,” Field Services handles all property repairs and maintenance requests ongoing.

E126 Investments contracts with regional hospitality property management companies. These property managers perform the “heads in beds” functions: online booking & hosting, guest communications, platform compliance, routine maintenance, housekeeping (*Covid 19 Cleanliness Protocol), lawn services, tree trimming, and damage claim submissions. They offer unrivaled rate optimization techniques, capitalizing on demand related to sports and entertainment, and identify calendar strategies to achieve occupancy deliverables. These managers handle check in/check out protocol, provide 24/7 assistance, and monitor security technology devices.            


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